Public or Private Deployments of EFT

Move to the Cloud and do more with less

With a self-managed cloud deployment of EFT, companies can enjoy the benefits of the cloud -- including scalability, flexibility, and affordability -- while reducing the size of their own data centers. By minimizing their software costs, number of data servers, and other related resources, organizations can significantly decrease IT expenses without impacting IT capabilities.

EFT in the AWS marketplace

Leverage your existing AWS infrastructure to power your managed file transfer system, EFT. With EFT deployed in the AWS Marketplace, IT teams can use the industry-leading services and tools of AWS to transform their organization into an agile industry leader.

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EFT on Microsoft Azure

EFT Enterprise is certified compatible with Microsoft Azure. Azure MFT deployment supplements your EFT platform with:

  • easy trial experience
  • extensive global footprint with multiple regions around the world
  • strong service-level agreements
  • additional tools and services