Streamline complex and high volume file based processes with Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Workflow management through a MFT solution can be the greatest asset for an organization, helping them accomplish hundreds of critical business tasks in a short amount of time.

Slow and inefficient data transfer processes waste valuable company resources. When your organization relies on manual and intermittent processes to deliver the data they need, day-to-day productivity becomes vulnerable to manpower limitations, vacations, turnover, and simple human error. An automated workflow management solution can streamline your file transfer processes and allow you to deliver data reliably and efficiently.

What does workflow management mean for file transfer processes?

Through managed file transfer software like Globalscape’s EFT, data transfer workflows can be automated based on a schedule or triggered by events. A file transfer workflow management solution provides the automation required to control access to trusted networks and reduce the manual risks associated with user-initiated manual exchanges.

Organizations can improve business agility with a MFT solution by enabling authorized business users to define and manage their own file transfer workflows and tasks – no FTP or SFTP scripting experience needed.

Automated managed file transfer solution

What problems does automated workflow management solve?

Automated file transfer processes can be difficult to manage and time consuming through alternative methods, like scripting. With an enterprise workflow management solution, automation simplifies and streamlines file based tasks, which means reducing the workload burden on IT teams. Whether you’re automating two or 200 processes, MFT solutions provide a centralized platform so you retain full visibility. From batch file processing, FTP transfers, database queries, error monitoring, and data aggregation from different systems – manual file transfer processes are tedious and time consuming to accomplish. Automated file transfer enables an organization to better manage a large volume of tasks and end points.

Workflow automation with MFT provides an added layer of security and compliance benefits, including the expiration of data access, purging old data and records, and purging of inactive accounts, which can all occur automatically according to security policies and without human intervention.

Automated file transfer processes through MFT solve the following:

  • Lack of Control and Visibility
  • Human Error
  • A Lack of Transparency
  • Repetitive and Inaccurate Manual Processes
  • High Volume of Data Transfers
  • Less Secure Legacy FTP Scripts

Why choose a MFT solution with advanced workflow management?

Workflow management with a MFT solution means IT teams and organizations are more efficient and productive, saving time by eliminating time consuming manual processes.

Automated file transfers performed through MFT solutions allow companies to:

  • Monitor and track all file transfers from a central platform
  • Securely and reliably exchange sensitive information
  • Automate file transfer processes
  • Maintain visibility over all file transfer activity
  • Meet and maintain security and compliance requirements

With the right MFT solution, automated workflow management is easy. You can create complex programmatic workflows without a programming background. For any workflow management scenario that you can imagine, through the right MFT solution you can automate your secure file transfer systems, while eliminating security concerns and manual processes.

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